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Annexure 1

DIRECT SELLING AGENTS FOR HOUSING LOANS: Eligibility, Roles and Responsibilities & Job Profile:

Eligibility for appointment as DSAs:

Individuals/ sole proprietorship/ Partnership firms/ Companies with basic knowledge of financial products and services. Prior experience in Selling any financial product is preferred. Preference to be given to the DSAs who have established/ owning office to extend such services and have experience in this segment.

Retired Govt. employees/ Retired employees of Public Sector Undertaking/ Public Sector Banks including retired employees of our Bank with an unblemished service. Circles to restrict empanelment of our retired employees only up to 50% of total empaneled DSAs of the Circle.
Close relatives of our Bank's staff, who are currently in service, are not eligible.
Roles and Responsibilities of DSAs:

The Empanelled DSA has to execute stamped agreement, Code of conduct stipulations and to submit declaration-cum-undertaking letters from their agents/ employees if any.

The DSAs shall identify proposals and provide leads to the Bank along with required documents applicable for home loans.
Such proposals will have to be within the operational area of RAH/ Offices.
The leads will be shared by the DSA in the format.

The DSAs will generate lead only for the residential house/ flat and not commercial property and also from project approved by our Bank or by other public sector/ private sector Banks.

The fees shall not be paid to those proposals wherever Packages are permitted by the Bank.

The DSA has to assist Branches/ Offices in need of recove1Y of the defaulted amount if the account goes bad they shall be liable as per the conditions of the agreement executed.

The credit/ legal and technical appraisal will be done by Branches/ Offices and sanction/ rejection of the proposal will be at the discretion of Branches/ Offices. Once the loan is sanctioned, the customer is required to come to the concerned branch to execute .the loan documentation. Before sanctioning the loan the party will be directly interviewed by the Branch/ Offices officials.

DSAs arg not eligible for any other fees/ incentive-apd should not accept any gratis either from the loan applicants or from the builders/ home sellers.
The DSAs shall not recommend/ source the Housing loan proposals rejected by other Banks/ Fls.

DSAs should source proposals from NEW customers only. The leads received by Branches/ RAHs either directly, through MOs, through online leads, Govt. Sponsored Loans/ Schemes/ from Packages permitted are not eligible for any incentives to DSAs.
Job Profile of the DSA :
Generation of leads for Home Loan.
Ensure completion of applications in all respects.

Collection of all income & KY C documents of the proponent. (However, the verification of KYC shall be done by the Bank's branch).
Deliver the application along with all the requisite documents to the identified RAH/ Branch & follow up the application till sanction. It is clarified that the sanction of the loan is at the sole discretion of the Bank & on such terms & conditions that the Bank may stipulate. The DSA shall deliver all the papers and documents collected from the proponents to the Bank/ Branch either by him/her/ it or through any other person authorized by DSA on its behalf. Further, DSA agrees to indemnify and keep the Bank indemnified against any loss or damages to be sustained by Bank in this regard.

I agree with the terms and conditions
For further details contact the nearest branch.