Types of Claims

Settlement with Nomination – (NF 147) Download

Settlement without Nomination

For claims above Rs 50,000/- the following annexures (as applicable) are to be submitted by the claimants:

  • Annexure A – Letter of Disclaimer (stamped) Download
  • Annexure B – Affidavit (stamped) – 2 separate affidavits are to be obtained as per instructions contained in NF 1020 Download
  • Annexure-C - Letter of indemnity in case of payment of balances without production of legal representation Download
  • Annexure D – Opinion Report on Surety – For claims above Rs.5.00 lakh Download
  • Annexure E – Form of Inventory of contents of Safe Deposit Lockers Download
  • Annexure F - Form of Inventory of Articles left in Safe Custody Download
  • Annexure G – Letter of Indemnity to delivery of articles kept in Bank’s safe deposit vault/ sealed boxes etc. of the deceased without production of legal representation (Stamped) Download
  • Annexure H – Receipt Download
  • Appendix - 6 - Indemnity bond to be obtained where share of minor heirs exceeds rs. 2000 & also applicable where releasing gold or shares Download
  • Appendix - 9 - Affidavit (missing persons claims) Download
  • Appendix - 10 - Indemnity (missing persons claims) Download
  • Appendix-13 -Application for remittance by a non-resident indian (nri) or pio out of the assets in india acquired by him or her by way of inheritance or lega Download
  • Appendix-16 - eceipt (to be obtained from the nominee –major or minor) Download
  • Appendix - 18 - Form of inventory of contents of safety locker hired from banking company (section 45 ze (4) of the banking regulation act, 1949) Download
  • Appendix-19 - Letter for Indicating Nominee Name Download


  • 1) KYC details of all claimants
  • 2) Death certificate (Original to be produced for verification at branch)
  • 3) Original passbook / Deposit receipt/ unused cheque books/locker keys/ATM Cards etc.
  • 4) Legal heir / Succession certificate if required (If no nominee in the account)


Can be claimed only after 7 years from the date of missing along with the Police FIR copy.